5 Reasons Why Seasonal Promotional Products Are Effective To Your Brand

As with many promotional products, sometimes a trend goes upward and sometimes it goes downward. One of the main reasons behind this is a business failing to keep track of their annual web cycles, and adjusting their promotional calendar towards ongoing events effectively throughout the year. In order to keep on top of trends, you need to appropriately identify seasonal opportunities and the promotional products you can offer alongside them. Here are the five definitive reasons why seasonal promotional products attract attention to your business, and ultimately increase brand awareness.  

1. The Hype

Offering seasonal products at certain times annually builds hype around a business all year-round, as shoppers anticipate what’s to come next as a new season approaches. Particularly during off-season months, customers are looking for the next big thing to boost their brand. By showcasing upcoming promotional products during international holidays such as Christmas, Black Friday and Summer, you are targeting important events. This meets the customer’s needs by including periods in time that they are already familiar with and excited about.

2. Scarceness

When products are seasonal, these promotions won’t last forever - customers are aware of this. Having your product available for a short period of time is part of the appeal, as it encourages customers to take advantage of your offers whilst they can. Taglines to support your seasonal products such as “while stocks last” and “limited time only”, imbue a sense of urgency. It obliges your customers to appreciate good value for money and to make use of a limited time deal before the season is over, improving your brand’s revenue and credibility.

3. Planning and Preparing

During off-season months you have a lot more time to focus on your next promotional product, giving you the opportunity to reflect on what worked and what didn’t during your previous seasonal campaigns. It also offers you the chance to go into greater detail on the life-cycle of your products, the length of a season and how you can manage a long lead time. Through preparation of smart and creative promotional campaigns, you can match the sentiment of that particular holiday with your next promotional product. For instance, name your seasonal event something nostalgic that gives customer’s fond memories of a particular time in their lives, create a hashtag for customers to get involved with, or run a seasonal-themed giveaway. This makes them more likely to remember your business and appreciate your brand’s attention to detail, continuing the hype for the next calendared event.

4. Niche Markets

Besides the obvious products that come within a seasonal holiday such as Christmas, you can also aim some promotional products towards a more niche market, particularly in months that are relatable. In the summer, you could promote certain golfing products that tie into the theme of sports and summer. Or in April, you could promote some of your eco products to celebrate National Earth Day. This promotes your brand as creatively individual and not just focusing on the customary mass markets, giving you that edge over competitors by also advertising the more unique features of a season.

5. Improves your online presence

Launching seasonal products gives you the advantage to promote your brand in a creative way, it offers you the chance to give hints towards your seasonal offers weeks in advance in the form of newsletters, blog posts and social media campaigns which all help to diversify your online presence and gain more exposure. This allows you to better understand which platform is your audience’s favourite, and above all helps you to rapidly adapt to customer reactions or a competitor’s next move making sure important features such as landing pages have all the appropriate promotions attached.